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District Heating Solutions GmbH specializes in providing technical and economic advice to companies in the field of district heating. In addition to tasks in connection with project planning and realization of district heating networks, we also offer solutions for monitoring and leakage detection.

Our experts, with many years of technical and commercial know-how in advising network operators, are available to you.

Further focal points are the calculation and optimization of the structural and network design as well as the installation and operating costs, in order to ensure a balanced solution depending on the goals and restrictions of our customers. Since investment costs have a not inconsiderable influence on operating costs, it is extremely important to find the right balance. Due to our independent position between suppliers and network operators, we can provide neutral advice on system and material design.

The installation of a district heating network and its monitoring system requires a holistic approach in order to be able to offer the best possible solution in the long term. Furthermore, a detection system is closely linked to a high-quality execution of the laying, joining and welding work by qualified personnel in accordance with the applicable standards.

We advise and support our customers in this task by preparing the tender documents, checking and ensuring the qualification of those carrying out the work. To ensure successful project implementation, we work based on international QA and QM standards for district heating. In order to meet our high-quality requirements and to design feasible projects, we digitalize the quality process and project flow as far as possible.

Our client portfolio consists of cities, municipalities as well as regional utilities that rely on highly standardized procedures.

Our heart beats for a very old technology that is becoming more and more important due to the changing ecological awareness. Our goal is to optimally use and improve this technology.

Our motivated and flexible team will be happy to support you.

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